The Biggest Game of the Year Deserves the BIGGEST Tagboard Yet!

A crowd of 79,238 watched the University of Connecticut Huskies defeat the University of Kentucky Wildcats last night, setting an attendance record for the NCAA championship game. Saturday’s attendance for the semifinal games was slightly higher at 79,444. These games combined reached an attendance 158,682, the highest #FinalFour weekend attendance ever.

Tagboard was honored when presented with the opportunity to power the #FinalFour social conversation at AT&T Stadium, on screens that proved the saying “everything is bigger in Texas”.  Home to the Dallas Cowboys, AT&T Stadium has two colossal screens which ran 160 feet across and 72 feet tall; measurements that made them almost twice the size of the Final Four basketball court below.


#TexasBig — Tagboard’s live social media feed on AT&T Stadium’s huge screens for the NCAA Final Four tournament.

These type of sporting events continue to prove one thing: passionate audience participation can come in all forms. We are proud to be able to help organizations and brands capture that passion through in-venue social media displays. If you’d like to find out how we can help your team or brand, contact us.

haftohn asked:
Tagboard. Can I link to a tagboard that only shows Instagram and Twitter?

Hi there, you can self select networks as a tagboard user to view content (see below screenshot). With our Pro or Enterprise plans you are able to network select which content those viewing your tagboard will see. 

Please contact for additional information. 


We support this message, and always will.

Our favorite verbal hashtags delivered flawlessly by Jimmy and Jonah include: #nocoffeenoworkie, #chandlergoogle? #hatersgonnahate. 

Social Media Week partners with Tagboard to showcase the social conversation

This week Tagboard is honored to power the global social conversation for Social Media Week, a worldwide event with local presence across five continents, including Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia. SMW chose Tagboard to ensure followers, attendees, and sponsors can see and participate in “all things social at #SMW14”. The conversation, including posts from multiple source networks (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), is on display in real-time on visualizations on projected screens at each local event.

Notably, over 725 unique event hashtags are being aggregated via the Tagboard platform, hosted in classrooms, conference rooms, online, and through the Social Media Week mobile app.



Social Media Week is unlike any other social media conference in the world. It is the largest collection of thought leaders and social media professionals of its kind. We are very proud to have been chosen as their Global Technology Partner and we look forward to seeing the Tagboard platform empower this hyper-connected community," our CEO Josh Decker (who will be holding two #Hashtag Masterclasses this week due to popular demand) said.


Our team passes along a huge #highfive to the team and fellow sponsors of #SMW14, we look forward to what the rest of the week has in store.

binniek asked:
I'm having a heck of a time getting an avatar or cover to "stick" in my tagboard. I've done it once successfully and it seems quite random. My tagboard is Laurel School and my email is bkurtzner@laurelschool. I'm attempting to upload a cover for #XOXOLS4G. Sometimes I see it all teed up but it doesn't seem to save despite the "saved" notice that displays in green up top. Any ideas?

Hi Laurel, 


Your images need to be in line with the requirements noted:

If you are still having issues please email me social(at)

- CH

kendomen asked:
Is there a way to get an rss feed for a page?

We do not provide an RSS feed at this time, but we do allow for embedding (below are a few examples for you). 

Boston Bruins, Intel, Hersheys, Seahawks

Please email social(at) for additional details. 

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